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Northwest Artists Against Extinction (NWAAE) support bold urgent action to protect wild salmon and steelhead from extinction and to restore them to abundance. 

Salmon Are Vital

Healthy salmon populations deliver irreplaceable benefits to the peoples and places of the Pacific Northwest. Salmon are vital to the cultures and economies of many Northwest tribes and an essential food source for critically endangered Southern Resident orca. 

Our ways of life as a region depend upon protecting wild salmon from extinction and restoring resilient populations. 


Call to Action

Northwest Artists Against Extinction, in partnership with Save Our wild Salmon Coalition, call upon our state and federal elected officials to create comprehensive solutions for the people, salmon, orcas and ecosystems of the Pacific Northwest.

Restoring a free-flowing lower Snake River, by removing four federal dams, is essential for protecting native Northwest salmon from extinction.  This urgent conservation initiative represents one of our nation’s great salmon and river restoration opportunity today.

Britt two fish

Speak For the Salmon Color B 01

Speak For the Salmon

Create artwork and send a strong message.

Pick a salmon template  •  Design/color it
Send the salmon and a message to elected officials

Speak For the Salmon Color B 01


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Artist Partners

Save Our wild Salmon Coalition is partnering with Northwest Artists including:

Gabrielle Abbott
Victoria Adams
Alfredo Arreguin
Annie Brule
Sue Coccia
Marcus Fellbaum
Britt Freda
Lisa Gilley
Amy Gulick
Karen Hackenberg
Hart James
Eileen Klatt
Kim Kopp
Elsa and Tyler Lang
Odin Lonning
Nikki McClure
Jen McLuen
Annie Musselman
Nalisha Estrellas Rangel
Elise Richman
Karen Lené Rudd
Erik Sandgren
Israel Shotridge
Rachel Teannalach
Ray Troll
Josh Udesen
Claire Wachler
Rebecca Welti
Carrie Ziegler

Visit our Artist Partners page to learn more about each artist, with bios, images, and artist statements.